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Library Diner is a hypothetical diner located in Portland, Oregon that revolves heavily around a literary theme. The logo was made by combining the classic diner bell and a book. Throughout the branding system books are referenced both through copy and through images. Read on to check it out. No due date required. 


Colors in the logo were mostly chosen to match how things are realistically, a brown book, a golden bell, and a red bookmark. But these colors double to make the logo resemble, at first glance, a burger. The typeface Brandon Text was chosen for its friendliness but also its heavyweight options. Together these qualities make the logo and the diner feel sturdy and trustworthy while not being too industrial or loud. Caslon is used as secondary text to be reminiscent of text within books, as it is often used to set novels. Caslon and Brandon Text together bring the modernity and the old school aspects of the diner onto the same page. 


The phrase "Well read. Well fed." was developed in conjunction with the brand to quickly get across the idea that Library Diner is a place with good books and good food. 


Two patterns were created for this brand. One is icon based featuring foods from the menu with a little bookmark snuck into each of them, and the other is simply a collage of book covers. Only books that are referenced in the menu are used.


The inside of the menus is basic and informational. Take a good read of the names of the dishes, because they're what makes many people bookmark this diner. The outside of menu has several variations but all are book covers that are referenced in the menu. The back cover is included so that when you're reading your menu, it appears instead that you're reading a favorite page turner.


Many assets were created for this brand from clothing and business cards to packaging. The shirt, napkins, and food packaging all feature text taken from the referenced books as well as the icon pattern, the business cards reference library check out cards, and while not quite a book plate, there is a food tray with the book pattern covering it. Our secret sauce can be bought in a bottle in stores only if it steals your heart after dinner.


Atmosphere of the diner is modern and clean, but also fun and friendly with simple furniture complimented by a busy background of book covers. 


To advertise Library Diner around town, a poster series was created featuring collages of book covers with the meal that cover is referenced in. Fun and quirky, they'll catch attention and get some laughs while subtly getting the word out about the diner and its main motifs. 


To keep up with fans outside of the diner, social media keeps up the theme by quoting referenced literature coupled with a fun caption. 

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