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Magnetic Optimism is a set of magnets meant to encourage and inspire. There's two big magnets that say "you are" and "as great as" and then there's smaller magnets that complete the phrase with something positive like you are beautiful or you are as great as naps. All parts of the product are made by hand with love, including the box, the magnets, and the small instructional booklet.


The branding for Magnetic Optimism is simple, clean, and black and white. In order to keep the focus on the message, the branding is toned down. These magnets are basic and to the point so branding that is anything other than as simple as possible would be out of place. 


The logotype, Galano Grotesque bold, was chosen for its rounded friendliness but also its heavy boldness. The booklet body copy and the magnets themselves are set in Bell MT. This serif was chosen to accentuate the timeless simplicity in saying things like "you are as great as stepping on a crunchy leaf." The magnets themselves may be a little bit understated, the packaging is louder to reflect the boldness of being positive in a culture that thrives on negativity. While contrasting just enough, these two typefaces work together to make sure that this product sticks around. 


Social media is a great way to keep customers engaged, and what better way than a new cute post for every gift giving holiday to remind followers of how positive and encouraging Magnetic Optimism is. The style of these posts is very handmade and personal feeling to keep with the simple aesthetic of the magnets themselves. You don't need fancy things to be positive, but fancy stickers do help. 


Whether on a fridge, a cubicle wall, or a bedroom whiteboard, Magnetic Optimism spreads positivity and encouragement wherever it is placed. The simplicity of the magnets and packaging reminds us of how easy it is to be nice to ourselves and to others, and the basic black and white can't do anything but pull you in. We often  forget who we know we are and the good things about ourselves, but these magnets are here to help remind you and whoever you love that you are, in fact, as great as naps. 

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