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Marbleous Stationery is a stationery set homemade with love. Featuring 24 marbled patterns with matching envelopes and silver seals, this is a perfect stationery set to give as a gift or to use yourself to write notes. Marbleous Stationery was created almost completely in house. The marbled patterns were made the low budget way - shaving cream and food coloring, and each envelope is cut and tape together by hand, as well as the box. 


 The typeface chosen for this project was Gill Sans designed by Eric Gill. It was chosen because of it's so classic, but still modern and friendly. The type is heavily tracked out so as to give a higher class feel to the product. The box features one of the marbled patterns from the set front and center, and while cut out of cardstock, canvas paper was added to the inside to give it extra stability and a sense of higher quality. Even when made by hand on a budget, the box, pages, and envelopes look and feel as though they are respectable and high end. 


In the box was three sets is eight envelopes, a set of 24 sheets of six by nine paper, and two pages of 12 metallic stickers for seals.  Also included in the set is a personal letter from the designer explaining the way each aspect was made with love and care, as well as suggestions for use, like love letters or simply keeping up with a friend. 


Pages and envelopes are only the beginning. Given time and moderate success, Marbleous Stationery could expand into a full out shop of marbled products. With business cards for a store front, other products could include things like pens, pencils, and binder clips. Things like journals and planners could be right around the corner. 


To help get the word out about the stationery some social media posts were developed. There are three different strategies that could be implemented. One could be chosen, or there could be a mix match to keep it interesting. 


The first is the classic love letter. Long distance is hard, but everyone loves getting mail. Waxing poetic about your love even at a distance is a great way to keep the flame alive. For this strategy, love quotes were used.


The second strategy is similar, but a little more casual. Trying to win the heart of the girl next door? How about a letter with a cheesy pick up line placed into her mailbox? While pick up lines alone aren't usually the most successful, maybe coupled with a real letter about yourself and your interest, it could have a better shot. Pick up lines were used for this strategy. 

The third strategy is the only one that doesn't use the actual patterns in the campaign. The strategy is to focus on how much better using this stationery would be than other things you might mail. Examples include: a horrible school photo, or a family Christmas card where everyone wears a matching outfit. The idea is to spare whoever you would mail those things to the disappointment and instead send them a heartfelt letter updating them on the life of you and your family. This strategy is the least serious, which can be a pro or a con depending on the intended customer base. 


Marbleous Stationery has a lot of potential to grow, but even with just being a set of pages and envelopes, it brings joy to many people. A lot of attention was paid to the details of the creation of this product, and it shows. The essence is that there's so much meaning to be had in a letter, whether it be a heartfelt confession or love, or jokes and updates on the kids. We could all do with creating and experiencing a few more Marbleous days. 

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